A Unique Approach

SnoreLab is an innovative app that records, measures, and tracks your snoring. This app can help you explore effective ways to reduce your snoring. It has helped millions of people monitor their sleep to understand better and even eliminate their snoring issue.

How It Helps

SnoreLab has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. You need to set Snorelab running next to your bed while you sleep. When you wake up the next morning, you will discover the Snore Score that gives you when and how loudly you snored. This app is supported by both Apple and Android mobile devices.


SnoreLab is needed prior to the Solea Sleep procedure.

This app gives you an estimate of your snoring intensity and duration.

You can tap the chart to hear your snoring samples or can even record the whole night to listen to every breath.

Just start the app and place the mobile device next to your bed. No calibration is required.

SnoreLab gives you snoring remedy options and walks you through the factors that influence snoring.

You can compare your snoring and use effective remedies and lifestyle changes.

Doctors, dentists, and sleep professionals recommend SnoreLab for their patients to assist their consultations.

How Can SnoreLab Helps

The SnoreLab app doesn’t cure snoring but gives you an understanding of your snoring problem for the best resolution. It helps you listen to your snoring sound, so you don’t just have to take another's word for it.

From lifestyle changes, appliances, surgeries to Solea Sleep, there are many effective ways to reduce snoring. SnoreLab measures changes in your snoring intensity between nights and helps you try different methods so that you can discover which one works for you.

How to Use Snore Lab With Solea Sleep?

SnoreLab needs to be used by the patients 3 to 7 days before the Solea Sleep procedure to record your pre-treatment Snore Score. After the procedure, we ask you to use SnoreLab for another 3 to 7 days to record your post-treatment SnoreScore.

You can compare the two Snore Scores to know the improvement. You can also monitor your SnoreScore over time to know when you need a Solea Sleep maintenance treatment.